How Apps are changing the physiotherapy landscape?

  • 3/12/2021
  • Telehealth Academy

Physical therapy has brought relief to millions of patients of all ages, helping them overcome problems and deliver sustained recovery. However, while physical therapy treatment in a controlled environment ensures that exercises and movement are carried out correctly, every patient also needs to undertake a more proactive role and repeat the exercises regularly at home.

Here, away from the professional guidance, it can be challenging to maintain the correct approach, but there is an answer.

Physical Therapy Apps

Many Apps are available for mobile devices that offer guidance on exercises and provide clear images and other media to help patients maintain the correct approach when performing the exercise program at home.

To name two of them - Physioadvisor and Physical Therapy for Kids, which offer unique experiences tailored to meet their target userbase.

Physioadvisor Exercises

Physioadvisor is a comprehensive App available for both iOS and Android devices, and it features over 500 exercises and 800 images to help patients perform each one correctly. Exercises have been chosen based on the benefit they can provide and how often therapists prescribe them.

The Physioadvisor App allows your medical professional to integrate a specific rehabilitation program or particular exercises into your practice routine. This makes it easy for patients to maintain an effective therapy mode at home.

Physical Therapy for Kids

As the name suggests, this iOS-only App is aimed at younger patients and includes 56 exercises, all specifically developed for those between the ages of 3 and 12. It offers a colorful, more fun experience designed to engage the younger ones, with hand-drawn images and animations, along with both written and spoken dialogue to help the child carry out the exercises.


These two apps show how technology can improve at-home care and are valuable in improving patients' health outcomes.