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BELONG Beating Cancer Together


Our patient engagement solutions currently serve one million patients, thousands of healthcare professionals, and dozens of providers worldwide. Belong.Life is growing rapidly, and we are quickly being recognized as the best patient engagement platform in the market. Using Belong, you will find support groups for every type of cancer such as breast cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer and many more.

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Belong Tail Ltd.



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Direct chats with world-renowned professional experts, including doctors in various fields.
Chats with researchers, and other experts who provide you with reliable, educational information.
A supportive, attentive, and interactive patient community, including a social network of caregivers
Personalized content and updates, as well as treatment navigation tools.
Tips and reminders every step of the way.

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We serve patients managing and navigating cancer treatment.


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Key Features
A digital binder to organize your medical documents in one place.
Share your results privately with doctors or healthcare professionals.
A free clinical trial matching service that uses machine learning algorithms .
The ability to personalize information and notifications.
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The application and all services available are currently free of charge, although you may encounter ads at some point (which will be clearly presented as advertisements).

Testimonials and Reviews

Eleanor Nagle on March 9, 2021 Google Play Store

"I find this app to be very helpful. I find a very kind of ease being able to talk with others about our experiences. Thank you."



The unique advantage of chatting with doctors world wide.
Your privacy is very important to us and we put an emphasis on that in our privacy agreement –


Belong.Life uses our propriety AI and ML algorithms to map patient journeys and treatment strategies and share our insights with the world. Our data has contributed to the publishing of dozens of research papers.
Requires iOS 11.0 or later, compatible with iPad, iPod touch, MacOS 11 or later Android 6.0 and later
Our Mission is improving quality of life & quality of care worldwide, through technology, services, data and AI.
Our platform is free for patients, family members, and caregivers around the world, improving quality of life and care, and creating a community.