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Caring Bridge



During a health journey, everyone wants to know what’s going on, and how they can help. Public social media isn’t always the right place to share medical details, and it’s too hard to keep up with individual emails, texts and calls. CaringBridge offers a safe, secure place for patients and caregivers to provide health updates, and for family and friends to respond with messages of emotional support and prayers.

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Share news and updates—you control the settings and who has access.
Mobilize your supportive community and coordinate help.
Communicate in a private, ad-free space.
Capture and share photos with a redesigned photo gallery.
Private, Protected and Ad-Free.

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We help family and friends communicate and support the loved ones during a health journey.


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Unique privacy setting.
Safe and secure place.
No adds.
Nonprofit Service
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Our nonprofit service is powered by donations.

Testimonials and Reviews

Ronda Bernstein, 13 March 2021, Google Play Store

"I have been using CaringBridge since 2011 after someone recommended it to me to share my health journey. I was telling her how I had so many people to update and she told me how easy it was with CaringBridge. That another friend of hers had used it so I should try it. We could have been a late night."



Your family and friends want to know how they can help. This is your place to tell them. Let them know your needs, when you want visitors, hospital or facility information and how to contact you.
Committed to transparency and privacy.


More than 300,000 people use our private and ad-free platform every single day, sharing health updates and rallying around loved ones. People around the world turn to CaringBridge for health journey communications. Every ten minutes, there’s a new CaringBridge site made to share updates and get support. And every hour, 1,800 messages of encouragement are shared on a loved one’s site. CaringBridge users from around the country have shared their stories with us with the hope of helping others.
CaringBridge is a nonprofit dedicated to helping family and friends communicate with and support loved ones during a health journey, through the use of free, personal websites to easily share updates during an illness or injury.
Requires iOS 12.0 or later, compatible with iPad, iPod touch, MacOS 12 or later Android 5.0 and later
From the launch of the very first CaringBridge site in 1997, we’ve been working toward a single vision: a world where no one goes through a health journey alone. In order to turn this vision into reality, we’ve made it our mission to build bridges of care and communication providing love and support on a health journey.
Your CaringBridge website is all about you and your story. Select the cover photo that you like best, give your site a title and personalize with photos. You can switch the main site and cover photos any time.We provide a safe, protected, ad-free space to communicate during a health journey. Your personal data is never sold. You can customize your privacy settings to control access and see who’s visiting and following your site. It’s up to you if you want to have your site searchable on the web by search engines like Google.