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chemoWave is a mobile application that helps cancer patients track their symptoms, medications, and activities. The app empowers people with cancer by providing insights that enable them to work more effectively with their support team and better control the side effects and symptoms they experience during cancer treatment and chemotherapy. chemoWave is a virtual advocate for cancer patients, a companion helping them to do everything in their power to feel better.

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Treatment Technologies & Insights



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TRACK: chemoWave makes it easy for you to keep record of your physical and emotional wellbeing.
DISCOVER: Personal insights help you identify how your actions are related to your symptoms.
SHARE: A report of your treatment experience leads to better collaboration with care providers.
Update Your Overall Condition and mood.
Schedule medications reminders, get reminded to take your medication.
Log your activities, sleep, water intake, steps, meal, vitals, weight, appointments, etc.

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We help cancer patients to track their symptoms, medications, and activities.


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Key Features
Charts & Personal Analytics.
Share Feature: Users are able to share their unique cancer treatment experiences .
Personal Insights (based on a patient’s own health data), and Global Insights (comparing to others).
Track your Symptoms using the 5-point severity scale and list of 84 symptoms.
Add your custom new symptoms.
Save your care providers, care taker contacts information .
Health & Fitness
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In-app purchase with option to purchase for one month at $4.99 or for 6 months for $23.99.

Testimonials and Reviews

Mia Clapham, 16 April 2020, Google Play Store

"I just started using this app to actually track my cat's cancer symptoms and treatment. I really like the app, it's well organized and easy to use. My only request is to have an option to set medication notifications for more than daily doses, for example he has to take his chemo pill every 3 days and his steroid every other day."



It works with Apple Watch, FitBit and other wearables.


In addition to arming individual patients, chemoWave is also poised to serve as a tremendous bridge of information from the front lines of illness to the entire medical community. Specifically, chemoWave can identify patterns and provide collective insights to everyone with a stake in battling cancer, including: hospitals, health systems, at-risk payers, pharmaceuticals, and clinical researchers at the forefront of bringing new drugs and treatment to market.
We help people to better manage chemotherapy and its side effects.
Today, Ric is cancer free and a brand new app was born – chemoWave. This mobile health app is an easy-to-use, comprehensive tool that can collect and communicate personalized information & symptoms from the patient to their doctor. Acting as a virtual advocate, chemoWave propels patients to empower themselves and more fully partner with their doctors. In addition to cancer patients, the TTI team recently launched Wave App for people battling any chronic medical condition, including diabetes, lupus, heart disease, and hundreds of other chronic illnesses. Additional apps on the horizon include: dialysisWave, neuroWave, type2Wave, ivfWave, and others.
Requires iOS 13.0 or later, compatible with iPad, iPod touch, MacOS 11 or later. For Android 5.0 and later
The spark to create chemoWave (a health app for cancer patients and their families) began in 2013 when one of TTI’s founding partners, Ric Grenell, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A cancer diagnosis is overwhelming – physically, mentally and emotionally. As you face the loss of your health and the life you had before, you’re forced to make crucial decisions and consider various consequences. You try to stay afloat among a sea of information and eventually ride out the waves of treatment and resulting side effects. Along the way you realize many treatments are standardized – what has been tried on many is typically tried first on you. Cancer crashes into your life and it is not initially met with personalized treatment plans. Doctors apply their tremendous expertise – but the nature of chemo protocols, particularly side-effect management, is inevitably trial and error.
Our product was created through personal experience with chemotherapy.