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??The belief at the core of Ro Pharmacy is that cost should not be a barrier to treatment. For that reason, every medication from Ro Pharmacy is one simple price—$5/month—and doesn’t change based on your insurance or what state you live in, and no coupons are required. Ro Pharmacy offers hundreds of some of the most commonly prescribed generic medications for only $5/month. These medications help treat chronic conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, asthma, and depression, as well as address primary care needs, like contraception, cold and flu, UTIs, and more. With Ro Pharmacy, you are in complete control -- you have access to transparent pricing, automated refills, and the ability to cancel or delay shipments as needed by simply texting or calling your Ro pharmacist.

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We carry hundreds of generic medications.
Let us know who your prescribing doctor is, and we’ll take care of transferring your prescription.
Once everything is cleared with your prescriber, we’ll ship medication directly to your door.
Medications carried by Ro Pharmacy cost just $5 per month - cheaper than the average co-pay.
We only dispense FDA-approved medications purchased from U.S. based wholesalers.
When approved by your doctor, you can choose to receive a 90-day supply automatically.

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Ro Pharmacy is a cash-pay, mail order pharmacy. Where every medication is $5 per month.


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Key Features
Licensed pharmacy.
Easy tranfser.
Home deliveries.
Ro Pharmacy members can text us anytime or call us during business hours with questions.
We offer generic forms of some of the most commonly prescribed medications in the U.S.
Ro Pharmacy does not accept insurance at this time; however, every medication costs $5 only.
Ro is a licensed pharmacy
We only dispense FDA-approved medications
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Lowest Price per User : $5
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Ro Pharmacy does not accept insurance at this time; however, every medication we offer is priced at a flat rate of $5 per month with zero co-pay or membership fee.

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our conversations with our pharmacists are completely confidential and your information is stored in an encrypted HIPAA-compliant environment. We use industry-standard measures for data security to ensure your information is safe.


Cost should not be a barrier to treatment. For that reason, every medication from Ro Pharmacy is one simple price - $5/month.
Ro has treated patients in 98% of counties that are primary care deserts, communities without enough primary care physicians to support local patients’ needs. 60% of patients connect to Ro’s platform outside of regular business hours. This removes barriers to care for those who would otherwise have to take off of work or arrange child care to access in-person care..
Ro’s platform is the only one that connects a nationwide network of providers with a nationwide pharmacy to deliver personalized treatment directly to your door. This enables physicians, nurses, and pharmacists practicing on Ro’s platform to seamlessly track your journey with Ro, and facilitates frictionless care coordination between providers to provide you high-quality care from diagnosis to the delivery of medication, to ongoing care.
For all generations, at an affordable price, and without facing stigma or judgements. Ro offers private, personalized communication with a provider by phone and secure message making healthcare more approachable for patients with stigmatized conditions or concerns of discrimination. Ro offers transparent pricing for affordable, cash-pay healthcare, no insurance required and more than 500 generic medications delivered for less than the typical co-pay. This helps millions of people who are un- or underinsured afford quality healthcare.