Patient Monitoring

Patient monitoring provides a quantitative assessment of the physiological variables of the patients.

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The most effective remote patient monitoring programs use self-managed specimen and blood collection kits, remote medical devices and technologies to collect bio-fluids and a range of health data from patients at the point of care. Health data gathered and shared remotely may include vital signs, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, therapeutic drug levels, creatinine levels, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and electrocardiograms.

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Mitra® devices for remote specimen collection & volumetric absorptive microsampling.
Sampling at home and beyond borders for decentralized clinical research trials.
Mitra® remote blood collection with VAMS® technology allows patients to easily collect a few drops.

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Licensed practical nurses
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Small clinics
Small teams up to 24
Solo Practice
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We support patients in remote healthcare who need blood/lab test from home.


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Key Features
Cartridges, Specimen Bags, Collection Kits etc.
This simple device provides an economical way for you to get started with microsampling.
All-in-one Solution for Remote Specimen Collection.
Perfect for remote patient monitoring and clinical research.
This high-throughput solution allows you to rapidly process Mitra microsamples .
140+ articles illustrate the utility of the Mitra® device with VAMS® technology.
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Complete a simple form and an experienced Microsampling Specialist will guide you through the Mitra device selection process in order to tailor the format / pricing to your unique project needs and budget.

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Use Neoteryx lab directory to identify a microsampling lab that can help you transition to remote specimen collection.


Mitra® devices with VAMS® technology, facilitate more convenient and accurate remote sampling. Neoteryx Enables precise, user-friendly specimen collection to generate dependable and insightful data. We overcome challenges of filter paper, urine cups, etc. Our products come in four formats for a variety of use cases.
We help healthcare professionals to improve the remote patient monitoring by adding on the lab results to the common telehealth data.
Our goal is to Increase use of remote specimen collection in health monitoring.
Incubated at Phenomenex for four years, the research and development of VAMS® technology occurred with the cooperation of global pharmaceutical companies. VAMS sampling simplifies the collection, storage, and transportation of biological specimens through the instrument known as the Mitra® Microsampling Device, commercially launched by Neoteryx in late 2016. Mitra devices accurately collect microliters of biological fluid in seconds.
1. Our products are easy-to-use for patients 2. We can customize the Mitra device formats and collection kits to your needs. This may include additional barcodes, custom instructions, or other details specific to your project. Please ask about available customizations during your consult with a Neoteryx Microsampling Specialist.