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Capsule is a new kind of pharmacy. One that is smarter, friendlier, faster and hand-delivers your medication, same-day, for free. Capsule is free to use — you only pay your copay. Get started with Capsule in 15 seconds. Or tell your doctor to e-prescribe your medication to Capsule. Any doctor can send prescriptions to us.

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Designed to make it easier for patients to fill prescriptions and stay on their medications.
Free, same-day prescription delivery.
Privately chat or text with our expert pharmacists.
Get and manage all your medications from your phone.
Capsule accepts all commercial insurance plans, Managed Medicaid, and Medicare Part D.
Any doctor can send a prescription to Capsule.

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We help patients to fill prescriptions and stay on their medications.


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Key Features
Manage all your prescriptions from your phone.
We’ll also coordinate refills with your doctor and copays with your insurance company.
How does Capsule work?
Sign up for Capsule.
Schedule your free same-day delivery.
We manage your refills.
Featured in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, etc.
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Capsule is free to use. You only pay your copay on your medication. We also automatically apply coupons to get you the best price.

Testimonials and Reviews

Nancy (Source:

"There's ton of peace of mind knowing that you can text somebody and you'll get a response right away about the medication you're taking."



Capsule is easy-to-use for doctors.


Capsule is setting the new standard in care. This is a unique moment and opportunity to build a pharmacy that works for everyone - one that is fully integrated for consumers, physicians, hospitals, payers, and manufacturers.
We deliver your medication whenever you need it. Capsule is always free and your copay will not change.
Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
We believe a pharmacy can be focused on caring. Does that sound crazy? It shouldn’t. And that’s why we’re dismantling the old pharmacy and completely rebuilding it. We believe the pharmacy can work for the people. All people. That includes patients, doctors and insurers.
We are the type of pharmacy made up of friendly, caring pharmacists who carry prescriptions straight to your door, at the tap of your phone. We are also people who take pleasure in looking after people and hope to take care of you for years to come.